5 comments on “Settlement Nightmares!!!

  1. That was pretty spectacular. I’ve been to some nasty “divorce” settlements, but yours, well it is a chocolate sunday with a cherry on top. Thanks for sharing

    • Oh LORD Andrea don’t get me started with those divorce settlements….Oh my. Thank you for listening :) It’s 2013…I’ve fully recovered :)

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  3. Didi…I can’t even emagine going through that…You did the right thing and obviously the LO and SA respected you and the way you handled as they send you more business. Here in my state the buyer and sellers sign at the different times. I have never had a situation where someone didn’t want to come down on their fees to make the customer happy, thank goodness! I have reduced my fees many times, but so have the LO and agents. I’ve had some bad ones though, don’t get me wrong!
    Gotta love this business though! It’s a great career for me and I’m sure it is for you, as well!
    Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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